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The most loved African cop

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Tamoke the robot has been brought in to ease Kinshasa’s traffic jams and reduce accidents. If it is successful in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it could be rolled out elsewhere. Video journalist: Horaci Garcia
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African Borders #2

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Experimental Jet Set Trash and No Star. Ongoing project.
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CaféDakar shows what daily life is like on the streets of an African capital through six human stories. It’s been broadcasted in 2 formats: 8 short docs (5-7 minutes each one) and a 26-minute documentary. Produced entirely in Dakar, mixing urban African tales and visual experimentation, it’s been my pass time in 2010. You can check the 6 short docs on the website: cafedakar.tv
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Casamance is a isolated region in the south of Senegal, rich in natural resources but struggled economically. Among Gambia and Guinea borders, this region has been suffering 3 decades of fight of armed movement seeking the independence of the region. The conflict began on 1982, when a peaceful protest was brutally repressed. Several hundred people then withdrew to the forest and started the rebellion. Since then, tensions between rebel leaders have divided the movement into different factions, but the fighting against the Senegalese army continues. Over the years this silent conflict has killed over 5000 people, including 800 victims of anti personnel mines planted by both sides and  it has displaced tens of thousands of others. Doc in production with the journalist collective from Bégué Press.
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Bangui goes backward

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Experimental Jet Set Trash from Bangui with Iphone 6.
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Ouaga’s two-wheel life

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Experimental Jet Set Reverse Trash…  in Burkina Faso. In Burkina Faso, bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes outnumber cars at least two to one. Bicycles have always been a part of the culture in the poverty stricken country, where people need a cheap and reliable method of transportation for everyday duty. Today mostly of the 2 million population in the capital Ouagadougou, moves on imported scooter from China.
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Samy’s trap (2006)

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25 indian sailors are trapped in Samy’s boat. This old transport boat with Sierra Leona flag is blocked in Barcelona’s harbour. Waiting to be scrapped in Asia, Samy has no longer permission to seal. And their crew has been abandoned by their contractors at their own. An 16-min reportage shot and scripted for TV program Thalassa.cat in 2006.
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